Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I stare...a lot

So a lot of people tell me that I stare at them or others in a way that makes them feel...well a little uncomfortable. I didn't notice really I just felt like I was listening rather intently, I want to give them my full attention. Apparently it's too much for most people to handle. My good friend Tall Tyler put it like this "Why the fuck are you such a Weirdo, do you have to be such a creepoid?" Thanks Tyler.
The fact I stare is because one, I'm just giving you the attention you deserve, or two because I'm not afraid or the least bit intimidated by you and I want you to know it. I think its silly to avert you eyes because someone saw you looking at them. I mean really? I'll stare at you all I want. You should take it as a compliment that I'm taking time out of my day to look at you so instead of giving me a dirty look, you should smile, at least it looks prettier then making a face that looks like you just stepped in dog shit. Thank you!


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