Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm Blunt..No question about it.

I like to be forward. Someday's it's a blessing, most of the time it's a curse. To give a current example this evening at dinner, I noticed that a girl had gotten a hair cut, so I said "Hey, your hair is shorter". Thats all, I didn't give a compliment or an insult I just stated the obvious fact that her hair was indeed shorter than the day before. What I "should" have done is I should have given her a compliment "Oh your hair looks lovely like that" or have said nothing at all. 
From what my mother tells me I've always been this way though, when I was two I told a man smoking in a diner that he was going to get black lung and die. Eighteen years later and nothing has apparently changed, and I like it that way :) 

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  1. yes, but I told you to always tell the truth even if it hurts...but I ment, if it hurts you...should have made that more clear...live and learn